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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an appointment take?

The consultation will take 30-60 minutes.  Vaccinations may be scheduled the same day, or at a later time that is convenient for you.


What is the fee for a consultation?


    • Individual $100, $50 for each additional traveler on the same itinerary, including children.  For groups of 6 or more, please contact us directly for a quote.


    • Individual $50, $20 for each additional traveler on the same itinerary, including children.  For groups of 6 or more, please contact us directly for a quote.


    • For employment, school, Grade 7 or adult immunization updates) $50 per individual


I’m not a patient at the Guardian pharmacy, can I still book a

consultation appointment?

Of course! The Pharmacist/Travel Medicine Advisor is available for anyone wishing to seek advice for a safe and healthy trip.

Do I need to have a consultation if I already know what I want? 

Yes.  Many of the vaccinations and medications are prescription products, therefore our pharmacists will provide an individual assessment to ensure each one is safe for you based on your medical history.  Information found online can be misleading, so it is important to get the most up to date advice. 

Can I get Yellow fever vaccine anywhere else?    

Yellow fever vaccine is a prescription product that is restricted to Health Canada Designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centers.  Yellow Fever is subject to International Health Regulations. There are some additional considerations for this vaccine that will be reviewed with you in detail, during your consultation.  


I’m only going to Dominican Republic, why should I see a

Travel Medicine Advisor?

Even resort travel to certain areas in DR can expose you to risks you may be unaware of. Besides Hepatitis A and B protection, many areas strongly recommend Malaria prevention as well.


Can I see my physician for the same information?

You can, but physicians normally charge for this service as well (not a covered service by Nova Scotia Pharmacare) and it can be very challenging to have the most current recommendations as they do change day to day.  Our Travel Medicine Advisor is specially trained in travel medicine and is also a member of ISTM (The International Society of Travel Medicine). They have subscribed to a world-wide travel information site for health professionals that provides daily updates on the most current recommendations as well as any outbreaks in any region of a country you may be travelling to.


Pre-Travel Consultation Form

After booking your appointment at one of our 2 locations, you will need to fill out the Pre-Travel Consultation form. Please print the following form and choose an option below:















The form can be emailed to us confidentially at or faxed/dropped off to our pharmacy department at the location you booked your appointment:


Bedford Guardian  535 Larry Uteck Blvd Bedford, NS

Fax# (902)407-4372


Elmsdale Guardian  269 Hwy 214  Elmsdale, NS 

Fax # (902)883-8917


Regardless of which method you use, please try and get the form back to us, completed, one week prior to your appointment as we do much of the research and planning for our appointment in advance.

How do I book my vaccine booster doses?  

When possible booster doses will be booked at the time of first injection.  Those that are 6-12 months away, can be booked closer to the date.  Please contact one of our pharmacy locations to make an injection appointment.


Is the consultation fee or any of the vaccinations covered

by Nova Scotia Pharmacare?

No, except the flu shot.  Some vaccinations are covered by private drug insurance plans but the consultation fee will have to be paid for and submitted manually by the patient for review of coverage.

Is the consultation fee covered by any health plans?  

If you have an insurance plan, it could be covered under categories such as health care spending account, or paramedical practitioners. Please check with your insurance plan to confirm.

Are any of the vaccinations covered by provincial or private plans? 

Some will be covered by a provincial plan.  We also have direct billing to most drug plans and our pharmacy will be able to confirm if they are covered before proceeding.   Our pharmacists will provide more information during the consultation. 

Pre-Travel Consultation Form
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